On to the next adventure! Here it is, my final post about Harlaxton!

Okay so my Harlaxton will probably be slowly intricately laced into other posts but this is my last official one! Let me ask you something, have you ever lived with no regrets for a day? For just one day? How about 3 months? That is how I have lived my life for the past 3 […]



Rachel Dougherty and Nathan Lashbrook Engagement Photos!

These are the photos from an engagement shoot that I did for a University of Evansville senior nursing major while here at Harlaxton! Please feel free to comment on this post and let me know any suggestions you might have! Please remember that if you would like a shoot done all you need to do […]

5 WEEKS?! What?

Someone just told me it has been 5 weeks already….. 5 WEEKS?! Is that not crazy? Time really does fly here,  so anyway on with the adventure! Well the first weekend I ended up in London traveling on the school trip. It was fantastic, from the craziness of night life all the way to seeing […]

First couple of days!

Hello Everyone! It is currently 5:36 over here, amazing right? I love it here. Yes it was an incredibly long trip over here, I left Chicago at 7:20, flew over night and landed at Heathrow airport in London at around 9 a.m after that we made our way by bus to the actual manor(pictured below) […]

Kenzie Sweeney #Classyyellow

http://classyyellow.com/2013/08/25/t-wong-photography/ Here’s my best friends website, it is a fashion blog with an absolutely gorgeous model! Check out the photos done by me and listen to her knowledge of fashion! Alright, this is it for the day!

Wait, Harlaxton, What?

The past few days have been almost surreal. My body has been ready to go but my brain just had not hit that point yet! While I was packing I realized “wow I am leaving for 15 weeks, this is interesting,” my body was ready to go from that point. On the other hand my […]

Reagan and Erica

Yesterday was definitely a new adventure! Whether it was high flying heel kicks or attempting to roll a meat ball with your nose; shooting pictures for Reagan and Erica was a fantastic experience. I am so grateful that they gave me the opportunity to take these for them. Doing photos for couples is a fantastic […]


Welcome to the all new T.Wong photography website!

Hi all, My name is Tyler Wong and I am a current student at The University or Evansville in Indiana. I am a Business Marketing student and also an aspiring photographer. This page will display all of the work I do around campus for the different groups along with my main photoshoots. I am also […]